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Hi All,

Everyone of you can see that our group is a member of O’Reilly‘s User Group Program.
It was really a surprise for me to receive parcel from them today.

They have sent two books to me without any request from my side, the books are as follows:
CLR via C#, Third Edition
Make: Technology on Your Time Volume 18

So, as you know these are books for our group, so everyone can take them from me, but there will be simple rules:

1. You will bring it back to the next meeting.
2. You will give feedback about this book on your blog and here. Also this review will be published into Amazon.

Also, next list of the publishers provides us with discounts for byuing books and their e-copy:

And the last thing I’d like to tell you: some publishers provide us with free books for review. Please contact me if you want to have some books and then post a review about this book here.
Please let me know in case you want to have more information about the discounts.

Best Regards,

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