Ethan Winer, Very Old School
During the .NET Rocks Live Weekend, Carl and Richard talk to Ethan Winer about the old days of development as well as audio systems, design and myths.

Sahil Malik is Still Nutty About Sharepoint
Another great .NET Rocks Live Weekend show, Carl and Richard talk to Sahil Malik about Sharepoint 2010.

2Гига.Выпуск #23: Гайдар и технический угар
Windows 95 – баба-ягодка опять
Visual Studio LightSwitch – первые впечатления, позиционирование
ASP.NET Sprite & Image Optimization Framework
Выпущена финальная версия Visual Studio Lab Management
Конференция Patterns And Practices в России и Украине
Платформа 2011 – что ожидать?
Продемонстрирована мышь Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse
Новая версия Windows Live Essentials 2011
Анонсирована Age Of Empires Online
60 игр на старте Windows Phone 7
Windows Phone 7 SDK выпустят 16 сентября

CSS3 Song
OK, so it’s not just for web animation, and you might need more than one line of code, but CSS3 is still cool and worthy of its very own song.